We advise in the negotiation, purchase sale
and leasing of aircrafts

You Fly and we take care of everything else

Aviation And Entrepreneurial Transactions

At the moment of buying, selling or leasing an aircraft there are a series of factors that must be taken into account to achieve the most favorable scenery and AERO HILL Law & Aviation offers you the advice that you need from negotiation, documentation, payment, closing and registration of the transaction, to be able to fill the aviation regulations in force, alleviating the legal, tax and technical risks to maximize your aviation business opportunities. To do so, we offer you the following:

  • Permanent advice during the negotiation
  • Pre-purchase inspections, due diligence or auditory
  • Patrimonial and tax protection schemes
  • Aircraft national and international purchase-sale
  • Aircraft use contracts
  • Escrow accounts for the payment of insurance and fiduciary agents
  • Incorporation of national and offshore companies